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Utilizing Toll-Free Numbers for Marketing Purposes

Operating a business is complicated, with numerous variables to consider. For the majority of businesses, marketing is critical because it spreads the word about them and attracts new customers. On the other hand, marketing systems must evolve over time. Customers’ expectations are constantly changing, there is a greater reliance on technology, and it is critical to maintain a consistent social media presence.

When small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) rely on in-house marketing professionals, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with changing marketing needs. Finding experts in all areas necessary to launch and maintain a marketing campaign on time and within budget is extremely difficult. SMEs are unable to do so due to a lack of human and financial resources.

This issue can be resolved through the use of ViSight Marketing as a Service (VMaaS). It enables start-ups and smaller businesses to fully execute marketing campaigns while freeing up in-house staff to focus on core and daily business functions.

What is ViSight Marketing as a Service (Marketing as a Service)?

Many of the marketing requirements of a business that utilises ViSight Marketing as a Service are met by an external firm. The company retains control of the project but is not directly involved in its execution due to other commitments. These external resources assist in developing marketing strategies, creating relevant content, and executing campaigns across multiple media platforms, including digital and print.

VMaaS marketing creates a campaign framework and then tailors each one to the unique needs and information of each client. As a result, multiple skill sets can be leveraged to achieve a faster turnaround time.

Customers can take advantage of a broad range of services offered by ViSight Marketing as a Service firms. Among them are the following:

• Initial and ongoing website content, such as page setup and blogs

• Creation of landing pages for the overall campaign

• Generating new customer leads

• Tailored organic and local SEO strategy

• Analytics integration

• Communication with the general public

• Social media usage

What differentiates VMaaS from other market alternatives?

VMaaS encompasses all facets of any digital marketing package available on the market, as well as the added benefit of a TM Tollfree phone number with ViSight Reporting. TM Tollfree is a service that provides your business with a unique 1300 number or 1800 number. Your 1300 number or 1800 number can be used to contact you from anywhere in Malaysia at a low or no cost to your clients. It is a business solution for managing voice-based business continuity.

With an easy-to-remember phone number, it can be easily associated with your business, ensuring that potential customers will remember your phone number. This ensures that your marketing efforts leave a lasting impression on your audience. You can track the success of your marketing strategies by utilizing your Tollfree number in your campaigns.

Along with the benefits of recall, businesses that utilize a toll-free number gain valuable insight into their customers’ call patterns and trends. Telekom Malaysia’s toll-free reporting, for example, is directly connected to the network and provides customers with information such as missed opportunities, call locations, and durations. This ensures that you never miss a potential lead and provides insight into potential markets to target.

Enhance Marketing Execution

Whether or not a business has an in-house marketing department, the majority of businesses understand their brand completely and thoroughly. On the other hand, utilising a ViSight Marketing as a Service company assists in the successful execution of marketing campaigns. In four ways, ViSight Marketing as a Service can assist with marketing implementation.


Changing times necessitate the capacity to adapt. A business must be adaptable in order to capitalise on real-time opportunities. Due to the cloud-based nature of VMaaS, it enables more efficient operations and increased marketing strategy flexibility. Businesses can now share messaging that is not only timely and relevant, but also current. This innovative and exciting approach engages current and prospective customers.

VMaaS marketing experts cover a range of niches that an in-house marketing team may not cover. A provider’s skill sets, expertise, and experience can significantly impact the success of a company’s marketing campaign and the number of potential clients reached.

Time Management Enhancement

Marketing teams are more productive when they can concentrate on their strengths and areas of expertise. By outsourcing non-essential marketing functions to ViSight Marketing as a Service, marketing professionals can focus on core business functions, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity throughout the organisation. This saves not only time, but also money.

TM Tollfree gives your team a bird’s eye view of the impressions generated by marketing campaigns that use your phone line as a metric for success. By marketing your 1300 number or your 1800 number, you gain the ability to identify “hot” locations that are interested in your product or service, which enables your digital ads or agents to be prepared to service a specific region. For instance, if your report indicates that your campaigns are performing well in Johor, you can prepare company representatives to respond to potential client inquiries on Sunday.

Obtain VMaaS for Your Business Today

If you are a new start-up, a small business in need of assistance with all marketing needs, or a large company in need of marketing assistance for a single programme, VMaaS is for you. It provides you with access to an entire marketing team that will assist you in establishing a professional presence for your business.

With ViSight Marketing as a Service, businesses can significantly increase their presence without having to do all of the work associated with success. Once your objectives and brand identity are defined, a team of experts uses their tools, technology, and expertise to streamline the process and meet your marketing needs. For many businesses that are struggling to keep up with the demands of running a business, VMaaS can alleviate stress and save money over time.

If you’re ready to obtain the comprehensive marketing strategy you’ve always desired but lacked the resources to obtain, contact ViSight Marketing as a Service today at 1 800 22 2020 or visit our website to learn more about how we can assist you.

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