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The Top Challenges of Digital Marketing Transformation

After a certain amount of time on earth, humans have found new technologies that can allow a new technological age. Our ancient ancestors used stone tools for hunting and gathering, resulting in the inception of the stone age. When they found that metals were a much more versatile option, we moved into the bronze and iron ages.

You get the point. When a certain technological achievement is discovered, it takes us some time to integrate it into common usage and everyday achievements until its usage becomes second nature to us.

We are now members of the Digital Age. With everything mobile, including our communication, we are witnessing a digital shift in which trends and technologies emerge, stay in the trend, and then become obsolete, only to be replaced. 

Our responsibility as members of the Digital Age is to allow us to pursue technological advances in the way we operate in every facet of our lives. The most important aspect for most of us is in our occupations.

Businesses are trying to keep pace with all these shifts. There are a lot of challenges that companies face. Through social media and the internet, customers and clients are being empowered with knowledge about various brands through each passing hour.

The best way to leverage this shift is to adapt your business to become visible to the large audience on the internet, which is the entire world, and curate marketing ads and campaigns on social media. All those #hashtags that were considered useless jargon in the early 2010s and before are proving to be valuable digital assets today.

Everyone has a favourite brand, from coffee to clothing, and they may be influenced by millions of people who share their experiences and moments on social media. This is the most common example of digital transformation in the business landscape.

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Let’s delve slightly into a few challenges that businesses have when undergoing digital transformation for business and marketing:

A Transparent Brand Identity:

Some brands are winning with their focused approach on the CX side of things, while others have betrayed trust and were once loved. Business decisions are no longer made “within four walls.” 
Think about it like this, Twitter keeps people informed even if they don’t read the newspaper or watch the news every day!
Organisations can openly communicate with customers to build trust and long-term loyalty. This includes not only giving the right information but also keeping the community up to date on what they need.
No one wants to be misled, and by being honest with your customers, you are already fostering positive word-of-mouth marketing. This is a common challenge in digital transformation. However, if this is done right, it gives long-term credit to the organisation.

Making Sense of Big Data: –

Despite the abundance of software available to deep dive into customer data, turning these insights into business and marketing strategies appears to be a monumental task.
The key to reaching out to the right audience and increasing conversion rates is getting real-time market feedback on your products and services, which enables you to respond and keep relevancy to the market demand.
Once you have the data, you’ll need resources to look at it and figure out how to target your campaigns to different groups of people.


Maybe you think personalisation is overrated. But it is overrated for the right reasons. Thanks to social media, people expect attention, so one message for everyone won’t cut it. The bar has risen for the game. Your digital marketing campaigns and consumer responses must be individualised.
It’s vital to arm your marketing team with predictive metrics that can help you plan ahead.
With real-time data analytics tools, you can make groups of people and send them messages that are tailored to them.
This type of personalisation will help your brand to stay relevant and become a favourite among your target audience.

Crafting the Ultimate Customer Experience:-

People are on their phones, scrolling through Instagram before going to an e-commerce site to finish a purchase. Consistent message and value delivery across multitouch and multichannel is crucial.
These cycles are endless and follow a similar pattern. There are paid ads on one platform, carousels on another, and timely updates via SMS or pop-ups, so it’s important to give real information rather than mislead people.
Most businesses fail to provide seamless platform transitions. That’s a shame, especially with the efforts driven and invested in earlier parts of the communication funnel.
To overcome this, staying customer-centric with an actionable customer experience strategy for your business is crucial. There is plenty of marketing technology software available to help businesses create consistent experiences across all communication channels. Use that software to give your customers the best experience possible, and watch your conversion rates soar.
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People with the right set of skills include:

The need for skilled workers to drive the economy is growing. But where are all these skilled people hiding?

It’s getting harder to find the right person with the right skills.

A company with a wide range of employees is hard to manage and motivate to keep up with changes in the market.

Companies must also focus on fostering a culture of growth and learning from the inside. Aim for synchronised workflow and teamwork to maximise everyone’s potential so everyone can win!

Collaboration with hiring agencies that can identify the right talents for your company.

If you don’t want to use third-party services, you can contact people through social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. After hiring, focus on keeping them informed and motivated to keep up with market changes.

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