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The Journey of a Customer Starts Simply From Browsing the Web.

If you sell products online, you already understand how valuable abandoned cart emails can be to your company. They are an excellent approach to reconnecting with clients who add items to their shopping carts but then abandon them.

However, visitors who visit your site will add products to their cart, so how can your account for everyone who visits your store but does not click the “add to cart” button? Those individuals may be in a later stage of the customer journey, but they are no less valuable to your company—or your bottom line.

This is where product retargeting emails come in handy. They are automatic emails that are sent to your subscribers who browse your best-selling or newly introduced items but do not add anything to their cart. Personalize them, add other content blocks, and they will automatically remind subscribers of the item they were looking at, suggest other things that might pique their interest, and lead them back to your site, just like any other email campaign,

Product retargeting emails will assist you in reaching a larger audience of people who are interested in your products, increasing your chances of earning a sale.

Social Media Marketing Channels

Let us discuss how to write efficient product retargeting emails that lead customers back to your website.

Write with your purpose in mind—as well as your audience in mind.

Your product retargeting emails should remind shoppers about all the amazing stuff they viewed on your site, urge them to return, and, hopefully, give them the extra nudge they need to buy. Not only should you maintain your email language brief, relevant, and on-brand, but you should also instil a sense of urgency—especially if you only have a limited amount of your newest items or best sellers in stock.

Recommend Related Products

You will have the option to include a product recommendations block in addition to the content block that pulls in information about the most recent new or best-selling item a member viewed on your site. The item they have been looking at may not be something they want to buy in the end, but our highly tailored product recommendations will give them more options and may help them discover something else they need.

Everything hinges on timing.

When you create a product retargeting email, you should schedule the timing of the email. Experiment with different send timings to see which ones create the most consumer involvement.

Do not overlook your other outlets.

Before they buy, some of your clients may benefit from a visit to your website and a remarketing email.[

Others, on the other hand, may require a little more persuasion. Consider using other channels, such as social advertisements, landing sites, Google remarketing ads, and abandoned cart emails, in addition to product retargeting emails, to keep your brand front of mind and drive engagement from your audience.

An Actual-Life example in Damansara, Malaysia

Company X uses product retargeting emails to reconnect with subscribers who visit their site’s best-selling items.

Here are three things they are doing right:

1. The look and feel of their products and the overall image of their company are reflected in their branding.

2. They have provided product recommendations in order to emphasise other items that may be relevant.

3. They have instilled a sense of urgency among purchasers by drawing attention to the speed with which their things are purchased.

And their strategy has proven to be rather successful, with a 41.2 per cent open rate and more than RM5000 in income in one targeted email campaign.

Product retargeting emails are an effective marketing strategy that bridges the gap between site visitors and paying consumers. And, because ViSight Marketing as a Service can do all of the heavy liftings, all you have to do is switch it on, add any design or personalization flourishes you like, and start watching your window shoppers return to your site. Are you ready to begin?

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