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Social Media Marketing & How It Can Help You!

Social media has become the most influential and important virtual space where the platform is not only used for social networking but is also a great way to advertise your brand and products.

The power of social media is undeniable, as you can reach a large number of people within seconds of posting an ad, lowering your costs, and ensuring that your ads reach your target audience through social media advertisements.

With the exponential growth of social media users — over 1 billion in the past 3 years — we must leverage such a large market and dedicate resources, manpower, and focus towards obtaining results from it. [1]

Malaysia, from this perspective, has over 91% of its presence on social media. While FB alone has 21.7 million users reported in early 2022. [1]

With nearly 59% of the world’s population now on the internet, marketers must grasp the opportunity to tap into it, where they can reach the greatest number of potential buyers when compared to print or television media marketing, which may have worked in the old days.

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important For Your Business Or Brand?

It is critical to use platforms that are widely used by customers in order to reach out to your target audience more effectively. Proximity is key!

Nothing beats these social media networks, where users spend a considerable amount of time throughout the day on it.

As a business, you want to take advantage of these consumers’ habits, which help you engage and generate significant leads.

These social media channels assist you in attracting the right customers with the right information at the right time and in showcasing your product or brand to potential customers at the right times.

Data shows that 45% of global internet users say that they turn to social media when researching products or services. This shift in behaviour shows that social has become a critical part of buyer consideration. [1]

This is how the mechanism of social media works. It allows you to get the most out of your social media marketing strategies. With the right industry-oriented targeting and cost optimisation strategies in place, your social media marketing performance can skyrocket with VMaaS, a Marketing as a Service agency. VMaaS optimises your marketing campaign performance with the lowest cost of investment.

VMaaS allows you to generate leads and increase sales by running customised social media marketing campaigns from start to finish.

Social Media Marketing VMaaS

Here’s how!

1. You Get to Tell Your Story

Having an online presence as a business on social media platforms such as Facebook or TikTok is a great way to interact with your audience and truly connect with them on a personal level.

Using a new, trending app such as TikTok gives a lot of older people a cause to pause. But if you understand the demand for TikTok online, you would be shocked. If searches for TikTok and Tik Tok were treated as the same query, it would have been the third most common search term on YouTube in 2020. [1]

This gives you the opportunity to tell your story to all of your followers and inspire them through your success or failures in the past.

Interacting with your audience on social media increases your exposure and helps you better understand your audience.

Your customers will be able to know you and relate to your stories on a more personal level, which is exactly what you need as an entrepreneur in this digitally connected world.

People who don’t know you or your business may find it interesting to learn how you built it, and thus, through these posts, you can create brand awareness about how hard you worked to make your dreams come true.

This will give your brand more meaning, and customers will appreciate it, even more, when they see the realities of business. Story-telling via social media remains the winning strategy from day one. And, to ensure that your story is heard and spreads quickly, you may want to work on your content, which is the key to impressing the audience.

Social Media

2. You Can Build An Audience On A Low Budget

Social media advertising has to be one of the least expensive marketing investments to your business.

With so many different advertising tools available on social media platforms, you can take the opportunity and market your product at a low cost.

The best thing about social media marketing is that you don’t have to use advertisements or ad tools to market your brand. You can grow your social media page by simply being consistent and posting interesting and relatable content for your audience.

Keep in mind, with the usage of tags or “hashtags”, you can develop an audience specific to your interest. The hashtag #love has had over 2 billion posts tagged by Instagram users.  [1]

This can be accomplished through the use of SEO content in which you use the most popular keywords to boost your rankings.

And, because digital competition is ever-increasing, you may want to keep your SEO game on point.

Once your social media marketing strategy is in place, you will be able to increase traffic to your profiles on these platforms which will eventually lead them to your websites.

There are a number of businesses and bloggers who have created a customer base who have connected with them without spending a single dollar on digital advertising.

This means that even if you have a limited advertising budget, you can promote your business on these social networking platforms, which accelerates the process of digital growth for your brand.

VMaaS Content Marketing

3. Maintain Contact With The People Who Matter The Most

Business owners must be vigilant on social media networks and create an image of their brand so it becomes the first thing that comes to mind when your customers think about a specific product or service.

For a target audience with the potential to become buyers, it is critical that you connect with them through these platforms leaving an impression on their minds so strong that your company comes to mind whenever they search for or consider purchasing a similar product.

This bond between a company and a potential buyer is critical in converting them from a potential customer to a regular one and making them loyal.

This is what social media marketing can help you achieve. It enables you, as an entrepreneur, to become the first choice, first thought, or first preference for all customers who may be important to you and your business.

Brand Equity

4. Capable Of Creating Custom Audiences

Many things have become easier for marketers as a result of social media marketing and getting data on your customers’ activities is at the top of the list.

Businesses can use the various tools available on social media platforms to see how many visitors were interested in the content you shared, how many clicked on the call to action, and how many purchased, if any.

Obtaining such statistics allows you as a business to target these potential customers who were on the verge of buying but were unable to complete the purchasing process due to a variety of factors.

You will be able to show your brand content to such customers through social media marketing, reminding them how much they needed/wanted your product, and now that they have seen such ads, they will be reminded of their need/want for your product. This action can be customised via remarketing campaigns according to your customer funnel acquisition journey.

5. Increase Your Overall ROI

Social media marketing and advertising can help you increase your return on investment because the cost of advertising on these platforms is relatively low compared to many other channels, potentially driving positive revenue.

Through the use of digital marketing, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people by audience targeting ads, lowering your advertising costs.

Both Facebook and Instagram assist you in attracting potential buyers while also attempting to keep potential customers engaged on their respective social media networks so that both you and they can benefit.

This increased user time on their social media networks, hence increasing the likelihood of users seeing your ad or profile, visiting your profile, and eventually becoming buyers.

VMaaS Google Ads

6. Raise Brand Awareness

To attract a larger consumer base, it is critical to first create brand awareness, where your potential buyers are aware of your brand.

And this can be accomplished by creating value-driving creative and visually appealing content that will capture the attention of the potential customers and interest them.

And that is not all that is required to raise brand awareness. You will need to remind your target audience of your existence on a regular basis.

This can be accomplished through proper social media marketing strategies and content marketing campaigns that will imprint your brand name on anyone who uses the social media networks you choose to present.

Once you’ve made people aware of and created a positive image of your brand, you’ll notice your target audience relating to your brand or the content you create more frequently.

You will grow your business as a result of the trust you have built with your audience, and you must maintain this trust throughout your business journey on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Finishing Up:

Social media is a powerful tool.

And being a business in this digital era can be very beneficial if entrepreneurs, marketers, or even bloggers take advantage of this opportunity to the fullest.

Creating an extremely influential social media presence is the key to creating persuasive and appealing content that will instantly connect your audience.

A well-thought-out plan is useless if it is not implemented in the same manner.

That is why you must create visually appealing content so that even before the customer reads what is written, they are impressed by what they see. It could be a graphically designed social media post, a video, or even a professionally or creatively clicked image of your product.

VMaaS ViSight Marketing as a Service

With the help of VMaaS, you will have a personalised agency ready to achieve all of your social media marketing objectives in every way. We will ensure your company’s goals are met while advising and modifying your campaigns to achieve results in the form of leads and/or sales to help your business grow.

At VMaaS, we understand how critical it is to implement an effective plan based on best social media marketing practices.

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[1] Hootsuite 2022 Digital Trends Report

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