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Marketing to Gen-X

As marketers, we are well aware of how challenging it is to acquire new customers. We pique their interest with content marketing and nurture them with email campaigns in the hope that they will bite and commit to our product. It’s even more challenging when marketing to a diverse demographic—a 50-year-old who is unfamiliar with digital marketing tactics will react very differently to a Facebook ad than a 20-year-old who is well-versed with advertisements on their timeline.

Over two decades have passed since older Gen X workers entered the labour force. This generation, now between the ages of 40 and 55, is taking over areas that the Baby Boom generation is abandoning. As with previous generations, this one is shaped by significant events that occurred during their lifetime. The Berlin Wall came down, wars broke out, and personal computers became ubiquitous.

Generation X, referred to as the “lost generation”, seems to be frequently marginalized as the cultural interest shifted from boomers to millennials. This is unfortunate, as Generation Xers are entrepreneurs and managers. They make the decisions.

These individuals, aged 39-54, wield enormous influence over an underutilised market. While Millennials are the trendy new demographic and Baby Boomers are the established demographic, Gen Xers are the cash cow. Although Generation X is the third largest generation, it possesses the greatest purchasing power, accounting for 31% of all income dollars. Generation X members are also in a high-earning, high-spending stage of life, something that cannot be said of the much-heralded but under-achieved millennials. Gen X, on the other hand—consumers aged 35 to 50—is more difficult to approach, in part because of the financial strains imposed by a series of recessions. You must communicate with Generation X, even more so if you are a B2B company, because they are the ones who make purchasing decisions.

Marketing to Generation X is difficult due to the fact that the majority of Xers grew up between the 1980s and 1990s, straddling the pre- and post-digital divide. What information do you require in order to contact this powerful group?

Let’s Discuss Some Tips for Marketing to Generation X:

Don’t Ignore Social Media!

Gen-Z and Millennials are often seen as the social-media obsessed generation but if you get on Facebook right now, you will feel awkward posting a picture due to the slew of comments and likes from Aunties and Uncles. Gen-X are extremely focused on their social media and interactive with anything on their timeline. Gen-Xers on average spend more time on their mobile device using Facebook more than any other generation.

When it comes to Gen-X, it is all about identifying the channels you can reach out to them. You can’t expect to reach out to your Gen-X Target Audience by using TikTok and Snapchat, rather you should rely more on Facebook and Email which they habitually use and enjoy.

Provide Context and Information:

Gen Xers, more than any other generation, crave context. They are far and away the most prolific writers and readers of online reviews. They conduct extensive research before making a purchase decision. Generation Xers make purchasing decisions based on Fboth online and offline research, as they live on the cusp of digital and traditional media. They will become loyal customers if you provide them with the information they require. According to a study conducted by, nearly half of Generation Xers are brand loyal. What is the conclusion? Provide them with a wealth of information, and you’re almost certain to receive a repeat customer in exchange.

Utilise Video Content:

Generation Xers adore video. They watch up to 32 hours of television per week and consume 70 percent of video content. Video is an excellent medium for showcasing your products/services in an engaging and personalised manner. With a grounded narrative, appeal to Generation X, and close the deal with a statement of clear values.


Gen Xers, like Millennials, require personalization when marketing a product or service. Generation Xers are now the majority of parents, and they consume media that reflects their values. We can all see why our Generation X parents, aunts, and uncles are drawn to television commercials depicting everyday life and real-world situations. Women from Generation X appreciate sentimental advertisements about family life. You can appeal to Gen Xers by grounding conversations in real-world possibilities.

How can your product/service benefit their lives or the lives of their children? Do not be afraid to incorporate some narrative selling – Generation Xers enjoy listening to stories.

It is Critical to be Direct:

Gen Xers grew up during the tumultuous 1990s and possess an acute sense of deception. Additionally, the majority of Generation Xers are managers or entrepreneurs equipped to call you out. Provide them with the information they seek while maintaining your authenticity. Gen Xers are aware of the concept of value and are interested in learning what you can do for them. They have the money, but they will not spend it unless they are confident that it is a sound investment. Leave the sales pitch at the door and be straightforward with them; they will appreciate it.

Direct them to an Incredible Website:

As you are probably aware, Gen Xers are heavy web users. If you direct them to an out-of-date, clumsy, or incomplete website, they will exit immediately, assuming your business is attempting to “scam” them. We can assume that the 60% of Gen-X members who made online purchases in 2016 has increased significantly since the inception of the Covid-19 pandemic. They accept online shopping. Are you prepared to receive them on your website?

As with any other generation, marketing to Generation X will require some tactical adjustments. By implementing these strategies, you can appeal to this unique demographic and foster brand loyalty. Given the enormous opportunity that Gen X represents for businesses, concentrating your efforts on them is one of the wisest moves you can make—and there is no better time than now!

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