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Google Ads & How VMaaS can Help YOU!

VMaaS Malaysia is a leading Google Ads agency focused on growing your business’s sales through conversion of website visits to returning clients.


Google Ads have transformed the world of marketing over the years, as they have proven to be an effective means of online paid advertising. With Google Ads, companies are able to connect with anyone who searches for anything, be it general information, products, or services. Companies that use them wisely are able to have many people directed towards their businesses when what is being supplied relates to their search results.

VMaaS Malaysia is a leading Google Ads agency focused on growing your business’s sales through the conversion of website visits to returning clients. Our data-driven initiatives are focused on generating leads and retaining customers. We collect, track, unify, and analyse your data with the intent of gaining insights into what you can do better and assisting you in identifying new chances to grow your business’s revenue and ROI.

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Let us discuss how we can use Google Ads to take your business, PPC campaigns, and ROI to the next level!

Whenever potential customers see an ad for a business’s listing or, for goods and services at the top of search results page, it is most likely due to Google display ads or Google search ads. Businesses pay to have their ads shown to potential customers who use words related to their company provisions. This is backed by keyword research, enabling target audiences to be reached. Monthly ad campaigns are set by companies, therefore ad-spend caps are followed by Google Ads service to follow and reach customers worldwide. Such a tool is effective for companies to reach their target audiences and achieve higher levels of website clicks and exposure.

When businesses start a Google Ads campaign, there are three objectives that need to be identified. These three objectives include whether the companies want to increase calls to their business, guide internet users to visit their websites and landing pages, or finally, direct people to their physical stores. Afterward, they have to decide whether they want their ad copy, which is a specific type of content, to be exposed to a few selected local target audiences, or on a global scale. Then Google needs to be told the unique selling points of the business through short texts or pictures, thus facilitating the process Google has to go through to create said ad copies. Lastly, a budget must be set to allow Google to know the constraints within which it has to work. In the end, as there are more and more people click on the pay-per-click (PPC) campaign ads, the budget will slowly be met. The search result ranks are based on the amount of PPC campaign ads, so your company’s search result will be closer to the top of the Google search engine.

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Google Ads is such a useful tool as it is a great way to guide potential customers to your company by enhancing your goods and services in Google when keywords and relevant terms are being searched by people. Successful campaigns will ensure your business gets to experience greater traffic directed to your company’s landing page along with higher call volumes and an increase in physical visits to your stores. As time goes by, your company can use the Google Ads data, whether its in the form of monthly reports or not, to evaluate and optimize your campaign so that your objectives are properly being achieved and your brand awareness becomes greater. Even if your company is small, your Google Ads account can fit any allocated budget and achieve the objectives in accordance to that budget successfully.

As Google Ads are utilised by numerous businesses, it is important to also use them so that you can compete and ultimately be ahead of that competition. The benefits of having a Google Ads campaign are immense. Firstly, it generates more leads and customers as it is one of the most effective tools for lead and customer generation. With a correctly and successfully set up campaign, your website will have quality leads sent your way. Furthermore, it exposes your provisions and what your business has to offer to selective people who are already looking for what you provide, thereby increasing the likelihood of a guaranteed sale. As such, your company’s searches can continue to be optimised in order to ensure that only the target audiences who demand your goods and services are exposed to your ads campaign.

Secondly, a Google Ads campaign allows for a potential rise in your return on investment (ROI). The uniqueness of Google Ads is that they use a pay-per-click (PPC) method whereby only the ads people click on are paid for. A higher ROI can be achieved if the Google Ads campaign is refined, and more people are exposed to your business. Constant measurement and analysis of your campaign is important so that the best results for your business are identifiable. This is simple with a Google Ads campaign as the necessary data is always provided.


Finally, with the Google Ads campaign, you will be able to learn and understand more about your market. Once you are able to learn more about your potential customers and target audiences, dealing with them and understanding their demands becomes easier. Under normal circumstances, this requires a lot of research, but Google Ads provides all the necessary information about customer behaviour, locations, keywords, devices, and times related to the search are provided by Google Ads, allowing your company to understand how to achieve better results and change what is necessary about the good or service, as well as the marketing efforts being made so as to fully optimise your campaign.

Google Ads are by far one of the most effective marketing tools in this day and age. Using all its features to the fullest will enable you and your business to create an effective marketing campaign to achieve your business goals.


At VMaaS, we make it our business to understand your sales funnel and to assist you in increasing sales while spending as minimum as possible. Our team of Data Analysts, Digital Marketing Analysts, Web Experts, and Designers will dedicate time to learning about your organisation in order to assist you in optimising your media buying and website traffic projects.

By selecting a package from VMaaS, you can begin launching campaigns almost immediately. You are not required to navigate a learning curve or to form a team. Instead, you will be able to see your campaigns go live with strategy crafted in place within a few weeks from our expertise.

Begin by sharing your business challenges and pain points to us. All campaigns are most effective when all parties are on the same page. Additionally, your agency should be free to make decisions that are in your best interests and within your financial capabilities.

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