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Digitally Transforming your Marketing

“Digital transformation” is a term that is frequently heard in today’s conference rooms and keynote speeches, although its definition is somewhat vague. Sure, we know it has to do with bettering digital systems, but what does that mean for us as marketers?

When businesses abandoned file cabinets and manual processes in favour of computers, the first truly digital shift happened. However, the notion of “digital transformation” has developed alongside the technology itself over the years. As technology advances, more extensive digital transformations are required of businesses in order to keep up.

The Many Interpretations of “Digital Transformation”:

If you are not sure what “digital transformation” really means, it is because there is no single definition. The phrase has diverse connotations based on the industry or department to which it refers.

A digital transformation for HR professionals includes automating operations, digitising employee records, and leveraging technology to track productivity.

A digital transformation in accounting denotes the transition from paper-based contracts and invoices to electronic contracts, data collecting, and reporting.

However, a digital transformation in marketing is in a genre of its own.

Marketing’s Digital Transformation

In marketing, a digital transformation is the transition from digital complacency to the active pursuit of digital excellence through the right use and optimization of your digital platforms. This entails fine-tuning your digital channels in order to acquire deeper information that will inform your approach and improve the client journey.

Here is an example of a digital transformation for your marketing department:

Improving Your Digital Channels

The first step in a digital transformation is to evaluate the worth of your existing marketing tools and platforms. Examine your website, social media networks, automation tools, analytics systems, and customer database. Could you improve your use of these platforms? Are there any better solutions for your requirements? A thorough examination of these instruments and channels will ensure that you are well-equipped to propel your organisation to success.

Improving the Customer Journey

The advanced information gained from increased channel integrations can help you pivot your plan towards success. With a comprehensive view of your marketing funnel, you can easily discover weak points and areas for improvement. You will also be able to give a more personalised and relevant experience to both leads and customers.


The advanced and transparent information available based on the digital side of your business operations will allow for a thorough analysis and quick updates and modifications to improve campaigns instantly. This enables quickness and transparency within your marketing department to evaluate success and to modify unsuccessful campaigns that are currently operating.

With the arrival of new technology, the elements that propel you to digital greatness now may become hindrances tomorrow. Imagine if the organisations that went through the first digital transformation stopped evolving after that – they had reached the pinnacle of digital excellence in the 1990s and were content. Those businesses would almost certainly be out of business now.

To maintain a world-class digital presence and maximise your ROI, you must continue to refine and iterate on your marketing engine as a whole. If you complete the final stage and then stop, you risk slipping behind in an ever-changing digital environment. By staying current on marketing trends and daring to try new things, you can keep your company at the forefront of digital for years to come.

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