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Pandemic’s Effect on Digital Engagement

Because COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown that physically separated us, digital tools and online engagement became critical for maintaining connection, communication, and friendship. The pandemic’s social

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Marketing to Gen-X

As marketers, we are well aware of how challenging it is to acquire new customers. We pique their interest with content marketing and nurture them

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Marketing to Millennials:

You’ve read the articles lamenting the demise of certain industries and shifting consumer attitudes, all of which pay homage (positively or negatively) to the 1980s

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Marketing to Gen Z

If you work in marketing, you’re almost certainly familiar with the dreaded millennial. With the most common question being “How to Create a Generation Z-Specific

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Digital Advertising in Usage

Digital Advertising comes in many interesting forms which can be effective in usages. Isn’t it great to have examples of what your digital advertising strategy

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