Benefits of Outsourcing your Marketing Department

With companies hoping to recover due to a major loss in revenue due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, companies are scurrying for any methods to obtain comparable results at a fraction of a cost. That brings up the major question of “outsource or not to outsource”?

It is a question that comes up often in management meetings due to the evolution of technology. With the digital emergence, there are so many available outlets equipped with much better efficiency accompanied by a great generation of revenue at a lower cost.

With the emergence of the internet in the last two decades and it is being so established in our society, there are new types of consumers to market to with many different avenues to approach. With the emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the quarantine many people had to go under, the major form of marketing that had to be undertaken was via the internet.

Outdated yet still effective techniques such as scheduling networking events and attending an occasional trade show require few specialized skills. Today’s marketing, however, requires highly developed technical expertise such as search engine optimization, landing page design, offer development, website analytics, persuasive writing — to name just a few. With so many avenues of marketing and the classic forms starting to lose their effectiveness with the new generation growing up with smart devices, it left many marketing departments terminated due to the high resource demand with many of their current techniques being outdated. This leads to the emergence of outsourced marketing such as our VMaaS at Cyngus Technologies.

We understand that marketing is not a core focus of most SMEs in Malaysia but it remains an integral function of every business operation. With an option such as ViSight Marketing as a Service, we provide value-packed services to bring your company to the next level be it brand awareness, lead generation, and customer engagement amongst other benefits. Outsourcing your marketing is less expensive. While being cost-effective. You access a diverse, high-quality set of skills without having to hire, train and supervise a team of specialists. You are only paying for what you need when you need it while being cost-effective. This enables you, as an SME owner, to keep your valuable resources focused. While providing a single point of accountability for your company.

How does Outsourced Marketing Work?

To keep everything running smoothly, you need a specialist that handles ongoing marketing and promotional campaign

With VMaaS, your marketing will include individuals who do the work. All of which are specialists in critical areas: research, strategy, creative design, social media management, Search Engine Optimisation, content writing, and so on.

There should be a quality assurance process that double-checks all work before you ever see it.

A critical component of the engagement is reporting. You and your marketing team should be meeting regularly — usually once a month— to review works in progress, go over performance metrics and discuss any adjustments or changes in course. Reporting not only provides an opportunity for the teams to collaborate and monitor progress, but it also establishes accountability on both sides, as well.

At Cyngus Technologies, we offer various business solutions such as Search Engine Marketing. With VMaaS, we can cut down on your business operation costs while improving your cost-effectiveness and outreach.

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  1. Outsourcing Marketing seems to be able to be an integral part of the modern marketing requirements, beautiful thought process and I hope to hear more on this topic