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6 Misconceptions about Digital Marketing

While conventional marketing may not reach everyone, thanks to digital marketing, its message reaches almost everyone. Many newcomers in the field may believe they are marketing experts due to the ease of implementation of a digital marketing strategy.

As professional marketers are all too aware, nothing is ever that simple.

Let’s get right to the point: the most common misconception about digital marketing is that it can be done with little to no direction.

The second most common misconception is that it is exceedingly difficult.

And it has been discovered that many marketers believed in at least one of these myths.

The truth, as is customary, is somewhere in between. Planning and execution are two critical components of a successful digital marketing campaign.

In other words, if you don’t have a comprehensive, well-thought-out strategy, your marketing efforts will most likely fail.

Let’s look at 6 main reasons, or excuses, that deter a business digital venture.

  1. “Digital marketing is not appropriate for my business.”

There is a widespread misconception that only large brands benefit from digital marketing. Additionally, there is a widespread belief that marketing does not work for small businesses.

Instead, small businesses stand to benefit more from digital marketing than large corporations do. Through social media and micro-influencers, you can cultivate a loyal customer base.

Digital marketing is built on the principle of word of mouth.

Digital marketing merely provides you with a means of disseminating your message.

The extent to which your ideas and products become viral is entirely dependent on your business strategies. The size of your business is irrelevant if your strategies are of high quality.

While some businesses will have to work harder than others, marketing your products and services is not impossible.

All you have to do is express an interest in having your product featured. At some point, individuals will express an interest in purchasing it.

  1. “My business is too small for digital marketing.”

Without a doubt, there is competition in digital marketing that large businesses can invest in to increase their odds of winning. However, this is not to say that small businesses cannot compete. The measure goes down to campaign strategy, creativity, and the quality of content as the decisive factors in winning.

Digital marketing enables you to communicate directly with customers (without the expense of a call center), sell directly to customers (without the expense of a store), and engage with and research customer preferences (without employing a market research company). Digital marketing provides small businesses with tools that were previously only available to large enterprises. Today, digital marketing serves as a link between businesses of all sizes and their target audiences.

As a small business, you can react quickly on social media and tailor messages to customers that will pique their interest. This is a problem that many big businesses have because even a social media post about your content marketing has to go through a lot of approvals and is often written centrally.

  1. “The cost of digital marketing is high.”

Until today, businesses avoided investing in digital marketing because they believed it was expensive.

This may have been the case in the past, but as digital marketing platforms and solutions gained acceptance and popularity, this has evolved and changed enormously just in the past few years.

Today, digital marketing is a cost-effective strategy that provides guaranteed results. Today, depending on your strategies, you have a plethora of options.

Obtaining marketing assistance is not difficult. There are digital marketing packages available, such as VMaaS (ViSight Marketing-as-a-Service), that are prepared to provide tailored strategies based on your business’s requirements.

Even platforms such as Google, Instagram, and Facebook provide financial assistance to start-ups seeking to increase brand visibility. Packages like VMaaS let you use your digital marketing skills to their fullest extent with our digital marketing team.

4. “Excellent Marketing Produces Immediate Results”

This is by far the most prevalent urban legend.

Marketing, regardless of the industry, is not instantaneous.

The axiom that “good things take time” is especially true in the realm of digital marketing, especially on a brand-building journey.

The truth is that response time varies between mediums. Things have a tendency to develop on their own; marketing results are never instantaneous. It is critical to maintain patience throughout your journey and stay focused on the message you want to drive.

Occasionally, even with an excellent campaign engagement, your sales may fall short of your expectations. However, it is critical to keep the big picture in mind, especially when your business is investing in a digital marketing campaign. Have a clear objective and set a target. What do you want to achieve from this campaign? Brand awareness? Sign-up for the webinar or newsletter? Check out from your online store? The goal of your marketing campaign should be to reach as many people as possible at different points in the customer journey.

Are you familiar with the tale of the rabbit and tortoise? We are all aware of the winner of that race. Patience is a virtue that pays off in the long run.

While you do have various tools for analysing your real-time reach, it may take longer than expected for your content to strike a chord with your prospects. However, keep in mind that this is completely normal.

5. “Our Customer Persona is not currently available”

This statement may have been true ten years ago. However, as demonstrated, a great deal can change in ten years.

The very notion that your buyer persona is not online is now ludicrous. Given the rise in digital and social media usage, the chances of your buyer persona not being online are extremely slim. Or none.

As more people adopt smartphones, the internet has become significantly more accessible. As a result, there are more clients looking for solutions that can meet their unique needs.

Indeed, the scales have tipped in favour of the customer. Customers are no longer required to seek out businesses that meet their specific requirements. Rather than that, businesses use digital marketing to identify customers whose needs they can meet. In this era and times, those who get the closest to the customer win.

Do you still believe your buyer persona is not online?

6. Digital marketing consumes an excessive amount of time

While all forms of marketing require time, digital marketing is one of the least time-consuming. Social media platforms will notify you of interactions, and tools can be configured to track who, when, and why consumers access your media. You do not have to spend all of your time online to be successful.

It’s only fitting that we conclude with a truth: digital marketing is a fledgling field that even seasoned experts are still discovering. Its acceptance and growth have accelerated exponentially in recent years, a trend that appears set to continue. It will be the foundation of marketing in the future, and we are truly witnessing the birth of something extraordinary. Check out “The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing Department” for more details on how digital marketing and advertising can help overcome the flaws in your business strategy and start helping you generate the profit you want by closing the gap.

Therefore, seize the opportunity to become a participant rather than an observer!

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Therefore, seize the opportunity to become a participant rather than an observer!

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